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As your Trusted Advisors, we partner with Boards, CEOs, and CFOs to drive value creation and confidently navigate through uncertainties. Specializing in growth strategy, finance, risk management, and corporate governance, our team brings years of executive experience and strategic partnerships to the table. Our advisors, including former CEOs, CFOs, and Board of Directors Members, have decades of experience in significant transactions, supporting companies in growth through greenfield projects, mergers and acquisitions, and stock exchange listings.

What We Do

Strategy | Governance

  • CEO Advisory
Empowering leaders with trusted guidance for strategic decision-making and visionary leadership. Constant connection with our clients.
  • Advisory Boards
Enhance your business growth and direction with our strategic guidance and active advisory board participation.
  • Board of Directors
We bring a certified, independent perspective to your Board and Committees, promoting governance excellence and strategic insight.
strategy governance
finance risk

Finance | Risk

  • Innovative Financial Solutions
We pave the way for your growth with customized financing, leasing, and insurance solutions.
  • Financial Health and Risk Management
Optimize your financial health and mitigate risks with our in-depth diagnostic reviews.
  • M&A Expertise
Navigate mergers and acquisitions with our advisory and due diligence services, crafted to maximize value

Growth | Profit

  • Products and Distribution
Thorough review of your products and distribution channels, aiming to maximize market reach and accelerate business growth
  • Markets expansion
We focus on strategically identifying opportunities and creating effective pathways for your business to thrive and succeed
  • P&L optimisation
Designed to enhance your financial performance, identifying efficiencies and implementing strategies to boost profitability
growth profit
people organisation

People | Organisation

  • Leadership Development and Coaching
Tailored programs to enhance leadership skills, decision-making capabilities, and overall effectiveness of executives and managers.
  • Organizational Culture Transformation
Strategies to redefine and align corporate culture with business goals, improving employee engagement and organizational performance.
  • Talent Management and Succession Planning
Comprehensive approaches to attract, retain, and develop talent, ensuring a pipeline of skilled individuals ready to step into key roles.

Who We Are

We maintain constant contact with our clients, leveraging our excellent network and deep understanding of market opportunities to guide you effectively. As well-known former CEOs, we bring a wealth of experience and a proven track record for sustaining market expansion in various geographies. Our approach includes a thorough diagnostic process and customized change programs, designed to challenge conventional thinking and promote peak performance. With our strategic insight, we are adept at identifying risks and navigating complexities, ensuring you're always prepared for the future of work.

Rooted in integrity, accountability, dedication, and respect, we are fully committed to empowering your success. Our extensive network, deep market insight, and expertise in risk identification, combined with our capacity for supporting geographic expansion, allow us to offer comprehensive support. Let's navigate the business landscape together, with confidence and agility, turning challenges into opportunities for growth.
competitive advantages

Competitive advantages

  • We listen deeply to tailor our advice to each client's needs.
  • Our vast network and industry insights open growth opportunities for clients.
  • We build enduring trust through integrity and ethical practices.
  • Our proactive guidance navigates clients through market changes and risks.
  • We simplify complex issues, enabling confident decisions.
  • As strategic partners, we're committed to achieving your goals for lasting success.
Ciprian Lăduncă
Managing Partner
Ciprian, renowned for his extensive experience in general management, finance, risk management, and corporate governance, contributes significantly to the success of his clients. Specializing in strategic decision-making, he offers a comprehensive understanding across various sectors. Additionally, Ciprian is member of organizations, business communities, chambers of commerce, and NGOs, showcasing his well-connected status in Romania. His broad sectoral expertise and strong network enhance the strategic guidance and governance insights he provides, making him a valuable asset in navigating complex business landscapes.
Loredana Ladunca
People Partner
Loredana is committed to unlocking clients' potential through personalized career strategies and fostering empowering relationships. A qualified career facilitator, she brings a passion for engaging with individuals and supporting them on their career paths. Her journey in recruitment and selection, combined with her experience working in both multinational corporations and entrepreneurial companies, has provided her with a broad perspective and a deep understanding of diverse business environments. As a life and business coach, Loredana provides support, insights, and accountability, helping clients to set and achieve meaningful goals, overcome obstacles, and enhance self-awareness – all contributing to a more fulfilling and purposeful life.

Integrated Solutions

Our integrated solutions, developed in partnership with legal, tax and other specialised advisors, technology companies, and financial institutions, offer a holistic approach to addressing your unique challenges. Our partners, both in Romania and internationally, support our clients' expansion into other markets, including the USA, EMEA, and the European Union. This collaborative strategy boosts value creation and provides comprehensive support across all operational aspects.
youstin ifosec
Youstin Infosec specializes in penetration testing and bug bounty programs, ensuring clients' digital assets are protected.
Marketing Alchemy excels in creating strategic campaigns that boost clients' online presence and engage audiences.
LCL Coaching offers tailored strategies for personal and professional development, guiding individuals towards their goals with clarity and confidence.

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